Hodgson to sell Journal to Larry, Curly and Moe?

Or Manny, Moe and Jack. Or Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod. Or was it Alvin, Simon and Theodore? Janet, Jack and Chrissy?

Okay okay. We’re told respected North Coast Journal Publisher Judy Hodgson will sell  the weekly to Managing Editor Hank Sims, Arts & Culture Editor Bob Doran and Sales Manager Mark Herring. The sale has been in the works for a while, but apparently an announcement is imminent.

Indeed, last week’s issue, featuring a 9-page illustrated obsession with Rob Arkley, was said to be the trio’s debut. So yeah. That bodes well.

Just a little shout out to the Hankster, because we think he’s an entertaining fellow. We would encourage him to be a little less Copernican in his news values and a little more open to the possibility that the center of the known universe may not actually be located along the southern edge of the Arcata Plaza.

Hodgson’s broader view turned the Journal into one of the most relevant local publications ever. It would be a shame to see Sims and company turn it into the second-best weekly in Arcata.

Imperfect contrition

A First Century journalist recognizes the error of his ways.

In this week’s North Coast Journal, the usually verbose Hank Sims is credited with only a few dozen words, all of them in a three-sentence editor’s note which almost, but not quite, puts an end to the Bob Doran affair.

A letter demanding an explanation from Doran is answered as follows by Sims:

Bob Doran has fully acknowledged and apologized for his error in judgment in failing to identify his wife in the story in question (‘Tea in Fortuna,’ Sept. 3). As a result of this error, his work in the future will be confined to editing and writing for the Journal’s arts and culture section.

For background, see the publisher’s note in the Journal’s Sept. 17 edition.

The punishment seems perfectly appropriate–seriously, who wanted this guy fired?–but the offense is inaccurately described.

Not to get all Catholic and shit, but Doran’s error was not the omission of failing to identify his wife so much as the commission of attempting to conceal her identity. It was active, not passive, and that distinction is important.

Most people seem inclined to let him off the hook. It’s only fair. He’s only human. But let’s be clear: He’s being forgiven for something he did, not for something he didn’t do.

Sometimes truth is funnier than any shit we could make up

Check out the irascible Hank Sims on Stephen Lewis’ bold new plan to save the Pacific Lumber Company to benefit whitey, the nice people whitey stole all that land from in the first place, and—wait for it—Stephen Lewis!

Stop the lawsuits, friends! We think we have a winner. It’s craptastic!!