The brain of Pat Wiggins accused of new FPPC violations

Senator MacNeil

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together, or some such weird shit.

A complaint filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission alleges Senator Pat Wiggins’ chief of staff broke California law by misusing personal information from a legislative database to raise money for her now abandoned re-election campaign.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that Sean MacNeil, above left, directed a legislative aide “on numerous occasions to gather personal information on officials across the North Coast using the Legislative Constituent Management System,” information Wiggins subsequently used to invite people to host or attend fundraising events on her behalf.

The mayor and vice mayor of Napa were among those concerned that their personal information may have been misused when Wiggins called “out of the blue” asking them to support her campaign.

Both, by the way, declined.

These are not the first allegations of impropriety to be lodged against MacNeil, who is credited by insiders with keeping Wiggins’ legislative agenda on track despite her worsening signs of dementia.

According to the Press Democrat, in 2002 MacNeil signed the name “Sean Wiggins” to the senator’s statement of economic interest. When  he was caught and asked to resubmit the document with Wiggins’ signature, he forged her name and turned it in again.

FPPC attorneys concluded at the time, “Unfortunately, he did not appreciate the seriousness of his actions, and instead of rectifying his mistake at that time, he repeated it.”

The aide who blew the whistle this time around was Dave Kinst, a self-described “definition of a disgruntled employee,” who said that didn’t make his accusations less true.

Still,  let’s wait to see how the FPPC responds. This whole thing could be–as they say–bullshit.

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