And now a few words from the Too Goddamn Much Information department

At the end of an otherwise uninspired account of the trial of former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen, the Times-Standard quoted District Attorney Paul Gallegos making the following candid admission:

“I don’t get to have sex with my wife whenever she doesn’t say ‘no.'”

While you take a moment to let that sink in, let’s go multiple choice to see if we can come up with an appropriate context for this startlingly personal remark.

Without referring to the article, was our illustrious district attorney:

  • A. complaining
  • B. man-talking with his buds over shots at the Shanty
  • C. discussing a law he’d like to challenge with another of his groundbreaking lawsuits
  • D. interrogating an alleged victim of a felony
  • E. none of the above.

That’s right!! The correct answer is E–none of the above. Gallegos actually plagiarized the remark from a Jodie Foster film in an attempt to appeal to female voters.

So awesome. Chick-flicks rule!!