‘Marginally readable’? That’s one more for the Raves page!!

Captain Buhne looking better than ever

Captain Buhne: Lookin' good

Oh that’s right, bitches. We have arrived.

Local blogging pioneer Ryan Hurley has featured the Humboldt Mirror on his new website, Eureka Now!

Hurley, best known as writer of the now-defunct Buhne Tribune, praised the Mirror as “marginally readable” and offered a few useful tips to make the site suck even less.

“We’re just thrilled,” said a Humboldt Mirror spokesperson. “I believe I speak on behalf of the entire organization when I say what an honor it is to see this self-aggrandizing has-been try to coattail on our success.”

The spokesman said he appreciated Hurley’s advice and recognized that not everyone has “the total package” the more experienced blogger brings to the game.

“On one hand, he’s got the self-consciously clever YouTube videos he shoots in his mother’s garage. On the other, there’s his grand ambition to see his name at the bottom of an overwrought letter about Levi Johnston in the pages of Vanity Fair. He’s just going for it, flat out, and all we can do is look on with envy.”

The spokesman did note that Hurley’s efforts do tend to be “a little light on substance and a little heavy on Ryan Hurley,” but said people go into media for different reasons.

“The Mirror was intended to be a centrist antidote to the lunatic-left rantings of the Humboldt Herald, whereas Eureka Now! serves as a relentless homage to its creator. While we’re saying, ‘Oh, look, Bonnie Neely’s an effing idiot,’ he’s saying, ‘Oh wow, Ryan Hurley’s dick is so big.’ It’s just two different approaches.”

Although Hurley noted in the video that he gets asked every day if he’s seen the Humboldt Mirror, the spokesman said he had “never been asked, ever, not even one time,” if he had seen Eureka Now!