This just in: The North Coast Journal doesn’t like Walmart

Wow. What’s with the North Coast Journal and its anti-Walmart fixation? After secret photo montages and signage alerts, their latest eruption has been over an invitation to a grand opening.

Aaaagh! Scary stuff.

So in between knocking back some PBRs and laughing about Ryan Burns’ concern for Mark Lovelace’s penis, we put together a short list of things the NCJ might think about once the store is open and the world does not, despite their hysterics, come to a barbaric end. They might consider paying attention to:

  1. All the people who are then working and shopping at Walmart, whether or not the NCJ wants them to.
  2. The fact that the NCJ hasn’t been a very good news organization in a long time, and turns out to be an even crappier advocacy group.
  3. Oh and here’s one. Remember news? Yeah. You might think about paying some attention to that.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a Walmart. I don’t particularly like the stores and don’t know if I’ll ever have a reason to go into this one. But despite the NCJ’s obsession with the retail giant, no one there has explained why we should all be up in arms about retail activity in a shopping mall. They haven’t clarified why Walmart’s so awful, but Target’s okay, as are Kohl’s, and Sears, and Kmart, etc. In short, they haven’t done shit but point fingers and laugh–which we love! But then we’re not pretending that what we do is news.

Eureka store exchanges one retail behemoth for another

Sandy Powell, owner of the Toy Barn at the Bayshore Mall, announced yesterday that she’s closing her storefront due to her concerns about Walmart moving in to the mall.

Whatever ideological drama progs are trying to wring from this has been somewhat complicated by Powell’s other announcement: That she’s setting up shop with instead.

In today’s Times-Standard, J Hockaday said he has heard concerns about Walmart from some business owners.

But, local businesses are always having to adjust to the market, he said.

”The market changes every day. … businesses that survive, they have done so because they knew how to adapt to changing conditions,” Hockaday said.

We predict that Walmart will be blamed for much more before we’re through. We already know Humboldt’s crap economy is their fault, as is the global mortgage crisis, the overproduction of marijuana, erectile dysfunction, the epidemic of childhood obesity, Mariano Rivera’s torn ACL, darkness at night, and a short-lived chorizo shortage at the new Live From New York pizza storefront at 6th and F in Eureka.

So are massive retailers killing local business, or are digital malls like Amazon’s Marketplace the savior of small retail outlets? Only time will tell.

Powell said that moving her store to Amazon will allow her to sell a broader range of items and reach more people. “I can take what people loved about all the stores I have had and sell it in one convenient place,” she said.

We wish her every success.