Neely family circle-jerk continues


Bonnie Neely: Had enough of her yet?

Each time we think Bonnie Neely’s unscrupulousness has reached its peak, she comes up with something new and altogether breathtaking.

Latest case in point: Her shoving through the hiring of an on-call independent police auditor to investigate the Sheriff’s Office following critical incidents.

Any guesses how much this expansion of powers might cost? Well no, actually, because the idea was proposed for the first time that morning, so it was not vetted by staff and not reviewed by the sheriff, but it was fought for tooth and nail by the board’s delegate to the Human Rights Commission.

That said delegate is Ms. Neely, and that the chair of the commission and person who pulled the last-minute bait-and-switch is Neely’s brother-in-law Neal Sanders, and that this family tie went unacknowledged throughout the unusually contentious debate–that’s all just icing on the cake.

But the decorations on top of the frosting–the stars and sprinkles and those little rose-petal candies–that has to be the statement by County Counsel Wendy Chaitin that Neely’s relationship with Sanders does not constitute a conflict of interest, because Neely would not benefit financially from rewarding her family members while punishing her enemies, like Sheriff Philp, who was a loyal supporter of Neely nemesis Roger Rodoni, among his other atrocities.

Maybe Chaitin can next issue an opinion on whether being asked to review the ethical propriety of the person to whom Chaitin owes her own job would be considered a conflict of interest.

Better yet, maybe we should skip this shit entirely and retain an independent auditor to review these kinds of critical incidents on the board of supervisors. If it’s good enough for one elected official, it certainly ought to be good for five more.

Bugs give themselves fat pay raises

In a 2 – 0 vote, the Humboldt Mirror bugs voted Wednesday to give themselves gazillion percent pay increases.

The move came on the heels of a unanimous decision Tuesday by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to grant large pay raises to some of the highest paid people in the county.

“It’s true that we basically just sit around and suck all day, but nothing can compare with the combined suckage of, say, Kirk Girard, Paul Gallegos and Wendy Chaitin, who were just given an extra 10 Gs each per year,” the Humbug said.

“Unlike those fumbledicks, we haven’t wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on failed redevelopment plans or politically motivated litigation. That kind of incompetence costs money, and lots of it. It’s only fair that they receive a larger share of the money they’ve been primarily responsible for wasting.”

Ironically, supervisors approved the raises shortly before Chaitin’s interim county counsel performance review, during which she was given impressively low marks on virtually every aspect of her job.

One insider said Chaitin took such a beating during the evaluation that the supes had to actually take the huge stacks of extra money sitting around and fashion makeshift bandages out of the bills to staunch the flow of blood.

The pay raises are scheduled to take effect June 29, just in time for the bugs’ annual Fourth of July PBR kegger.