Gallegos still unable to produce original material

Paul, Paul, Paul.

Following the tweets of blogs that ridicule you mercilessly is so last week.

But look!! A special shout-out to our friends over at the Humboldt Herald for following along as well.

We feel the love!

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Gallegos experiences cache-flow problems

Lord of the Lies

Aren’t the internets a wonderful thing? 

We certainly think they are.

Because now, when an incumbent district attorney lies about his resumé to a local newspaper, then is found out and publicly castigated, so he tries to scrub the lie from his campaign website–the lie never really goes away!! Isn’t that neat?

Here’s an example.

Paul Gallegos told Thadeus Greenson:

After law school, Gallegos said, he spent some time as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles before venturing out to start a private practice.

At the time, his campaign website said this:

During his time at LaVerne, Paul met Joan, his future wife. After being admitted to the California Bar Association, Paul was hired on to, and served as a DDA in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Paul and his new wife opened their first Law Office in Los Angeles.

After several concerned citizens phoned the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office nice HR people and learned that this was untrue, his campaign website was changed to say this instead:

During his time at LaVerne, Paul clerked at the Los Angeles and San Bernadino District Attorney’s Offices. After being admitted to the California Bar Association, Paul went into private practice.

Clerking…. deputy district attorneying…. With apologies to Sesame Street, one of these things is fucking NOT like the other. You feel what we’re saying?

So Natalynne, you wonky, hot, dishonest mess–no fair telling everyone Thadeus Greenson misquoted you. Because if he did, you misquoted you too.


[Little shout-out to our friend Capdiamont for the 411 about Gags’ website revisions. Thanks, friend!]