Former fire chief acts like he knows stuff about fire

Yeah quick question here for retired Humboldt Fire District Chief Glenn Ziemer: Since when is it not the fault of the fire and police departments when dopers burn shit down? I’m just asking because Ziemer wrote this totally right-wing letter to the North Coast Journal containing all this personal responsibility jargon about how the people who started that Eureka apartment fire cooking drugs should be, like, held accountable for the people left houseless or something. Listen to this crap.

My premise is simple: The vast majority of the responsibility for 11 people being forced out of their homes rests squarely with Ms. Formby and Mr. Davis as a result of their wantonly reckless decision to manufacture hash oil in a multifamily apartment. The couple’s current situation results from their own risk assumption. Their neighbors did not have the luxury of participation in this decision; they were only forced to bear the results of the outcome.

Yeah that’s not elitist. Now only people who own their own homes can cook hash? What a jerk.

If the arrogance and recklessness of this initial decision on the part of the couple was not enough, they had a second chance to minimize the effects of their behavior while being treated at the emergency room, according to the Eureka Fire Department Incident report, which I reviewed. The information regarding the concern over a potential bomb was relayed to a police officer interviewing the occupants at the emergency room. The officer questioned the occupants about a pipe device or potential bomb in the closet of their apartment, and their response was that they “stated they were consuming hash oil, and had no knowledge of a bomb or pipe,” the report said.

Ziemer. Dude. Get a clue. Blaming the perpetrators is so not part of the Humboldt vibe. You feel me?