Former fire chief acts like he knows stuff about fire

Yeah quick question here for retired Humboldt Fire District Chief Glenn Ziemer: Since when is it not the fault of the fire and police departments when dopers burn shit down? I’m just asking because Ziemer wrote this totally right-wing letter to the North Coast Journal containing all this personal responsibility jargon about how the people who started that Eureka apartment fire cooking drugs should be, like, held accountable for the people left houseless or something. Listen to this crap.

My premise is simple: The vast majority of the responsibility for 11 people being forced out of their homes rests squarely with Ms. Formby and Mr. Davis as a result of their wantonly reckless decision to manufacture hash oil in a multifamily apartment. The couple’s current situation results from their own risk assumption. Their neighbors did not have the luxury of participation in this decision; they were only forced to bear the results of the outcome.

Yeah that’s not elitist. Now only people who own their own homes can cook hash? What a jerk.

If the arrogance and recklessness of this initial decision on the part of the couple was not enough, they had a second chance to minimize the effects of their behavior while being treated at the emergency room, according to the Eureka Fire Department Incident report, which I reviewed. The information regarding the concern over a potential bomb was relayed to a police officer interviewing the occupants at the emergency room. The officer questioned the occupants about a pipe device or potential bomb in the closet of their apartment, and their response was that they “stated they were consuming hash oil, and had no knowledge of a bomb or pipe,” the report said.

Ziemer. Dude. Get a clue. Blaming the perpetrators is so not part of the Humboldt vibe. You feel me?


36 Responses

  1. Glen rocks 🙂

  2. That Ziemer is some kinda fanatic. People with common sense are dangerous.

  3. I guess this is what the North Coast Journal gets when they turn inexperienced children loose in a newsroom and don’t check for basic logic before going to print. The new weirdo editor thinks Zach is all the rage because he writes emotionally. Maybe now they can work on writing factually, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. NCJ has become a joke. Its a tabloid, that all

  5. Word if you hold your breath for that to happen you will surely die. It’s hard to suck worse than the time standard. The ncj is tied with being the sucktard rag in humboldt. I am so very proud.

  6. Goatboy, hate to disagree but it’s not simply “a joke” or a “tabloid”. It’s “asswipe”.

  7. People with common sense and a rational letter. And the NCJ printed it? The nerve of Ziemer to suggest outrageous ideas such as people being held accountable for their actions that harm others and personal responsibility.

    Next thing you know he is going to be advocating radical solutions like people getting jobs to earn a living.

  8. I wish Glenn Ziemer would run for office. He’d have my vote and then some.

  9. Glenn, once again demonstrating the intelligence and professional acumen which were a hallmark of his tenure as Chief. Zach, demonstrating that he is an idiot of a magnitude only surpassed by his editor who allowed such biased, gramatically weak drivel to be published.

    The best part: people posting after Glenn that this is all the fault of Wal-Mart……must be the synthetic pesticides that are being utilized by the medicine suppliers. Refresh my memory as to the medicinal value of hash oil……I do not recall that Compassionate Use of hash oil is, um, oh never mind, what’s the use?

    Judy, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  10. The North Coast Journal is becomming as irrelevant as the Humbold Herald. Who really cares what is inside of either one? Mindless drivel.

  11. Ziemer for president.

  12. Let’s see. If my arthritis is painful and marijuana helps alleviate the pain, then the argument would surely be that smoking hash oil would be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb dose of medicine. Because when you are comatose, you can’t feel the arthritis pain. Or anything else for that matter…like the sound of an easily controlled fire spreading quickly to destroy a whole apartment complex.

  13. Zack St. George, you are a fine addition to the NCJ. Welcome aboard friend. Is that where you purchased your hash? Bummer dude.

  14. Yall better watch out. If you’re not careful Ryan Burns is gonna get on here and ask a thousand times what this is supposed to mean and then act like you haven’t answered. He’s very astute. Very. Just ask him. And very important.

  15. Even Humboldt Hearald or HH, is keeping quiet lately

  16. That’s what happens when the prog money train stops running through town.

  17. Check out the eye action on Compassionate Abuse’s avatar. That dude is majorly ripped.

  18. Here is how it reads too:

    “Fire was responded to, tended too.”

    “Fire was contained, attended, under control, difused….safer than before, not spreading anymore”

    “Firemen discovered something unconfirmable by hand”

    “Fireman call-in the POWICE MAN”

    “Powice man has a thought”

    “Powice man decides to dot, dot, dot”

    “Hours go by, firemen scratch their heads WHY”

    “Powice bugs da judge”

    “A signature not to begrudge”

    “When at final moment, now back onsite”

    “The Powice man wonder why”

    “Firefighters are back at the fight”

    Yup, false finger pointing after-the-fact to add insult upon injury…, it reads as if public employees believe it is relatively ok to blame their indiscretions and mistakes upon the nearest guilty party of something that can be associated to the very existence of the public services’ original intent and application as first responders…, first responders can fail at their responsibility on their own merits not inclusive of outside inputs by the eventual blamed party…pfffft.

    Local establishment (ie. a mix of public sector employees and officials and their private sector cronies) is grasping, grasping and grasping as their control slips!


  19. As far as insurance companies AND BROKERS, new development PROFITS and higher TAX dollar returns…., nah, I can’t see any less of a reason to not attempt this “institutional type delay again in the future”……political insiders and their sabotaging games and tactics…so corporately refined.

    As far as tenant’s initial damage, prior to dot, dot, dot process….yah, those tenants should be held responsible to pay 100% costs up-to-that-point where delay commenced. Commercial manufacturing in a multiple family dwelling is irresponsible, too liable in nature and illegal. Tired of the debt going past $16.3 trillion now….and public services has a bit to do with that in negative ways too. Even 215’s don’t allow for hash manufacturing, so any deviation to the real green stuff should be even more of a worry if caught, so why do it… more than personal use for most manufacturers cuz manufacturing COSTS MONEY!

    Cold day today, isn’t it?


  20. News flash. H o j is off his meds again.

  21. I know I don’t have to and probably shouldn’t, but here’s a copy of a comment made by someone who had to live by these people.


    I have lived within sight of this property since there was only a single unit on the property. After petty purchased the property, as an out of town slum lord, Things quickly got worse their. One bad set of tenants drove out good neighbors. Then mr Petty refilled those apartments with friends of the people dealing drugs. In the time that Mr. Petty has owned that property there have been hundreds of neighborhood watch complaint forms and police calls about the tenets of 1628 and their customers. Customers who were stealing mail out of neighborhood mailboxes and breaking into cars. Yelling matches at 1 am were common. The tenants of 1628 viewed church avenue as “Our Alley” and I have personally witnessed a young man get jumped by six shaved head individuals setting on the porch a 1628 for walking on “their” sidewalk and dareing to “mess with the “15th street crew”

    The apartment complex has been raided by local and federal drug task forces multiple times. With how often they have been raided it is no surprise that the police were worried about a technical infraction getting in the way of a solid court case keeping these people out of the neighborhood and their drugs out of the street. Hash was the least of the crimes occurring there.

    Nor do the Petty’s deserve any sympathy. They were informed by concerned neighbors dozens of times, in letters, and by phone, of the fact that he was furnishing a house for the sale, manufacture and consumption of illegal Drugs. The only result was that he stopped taking calls from our neighborhood watch in an effort to claim he had no knowledge of committing the crime of allow this to continue for years.

    I’m just glad the fire didn’t spread.


    Here’s my take. Sounds like the cops are used to dealing with drug dealers and criminals at this location. Sounds like a warrant was justifiably needed to prevent being sued or worse.

    And it sounds like the fire was begun by drug users who build bombs. We’re really going to start pissing out our “highly paid” first responders? You know, those guys who politicians threaten to fire everytime they want to pick my pocket?

    Whatever. Why am I not surprised?

  22. And HOJ, I dare you to never make a “mistake” or have an “indiscretion” as you call them as someone responsible for trying to get justice for real victims in this county. With a DA that takes money from the very drug culture that has been destroying this county, I’m sure YOU might be a little “mistake” ridden.
    Of course, why not point fingers at the people trying to deal with fallout from a place where Pot is 26% of our economy so we should just legalize it and cash in?
    Oh, right. I forgot. Pot is totally harmless. I’m sure it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the people at this location.
    Yeah, yeah. I’m being judgmental. I know.

  23. Every time I think your making some sense, you take a couple of steps backwards. Sheesh.

  24. Will someone please put Henchman out of my misery?

  25. Jeffrey is a man of principles…the principles of idiocy

  26. Jeff my fiend, take my political advice and go forth. You are unqualified for the position of supervisor and waste your efforts to achieve this office. Set you sights lower, say the state assembly, senate or down to the level of the US Congress and you may have a chance. When you find yourself battling for mediocracy, find fellows more stupifying to surround yourself in an attempt to achieve the status of least worst of the unpalatable options.

  27. Lets ask the pertinent questions….WTF is up with HOJ? Meds or no, he’s got some issues, right?

  28. Wow,

    my heartfelt thanks to all whom worry madly, discretely. Such community love and togetherness, compassion.

    Thank You very much for the concerns, and critiques…..

    Another cold day, isn’t it?

    For Jen – I dare you to blame others for your mistakes versus taking personal responsibility for your mistakes……it is called principles, not hiding in shame because of being scared to be shown as the one making the mistake…apples versus oranges mi amiga. In fact, if government employees get carte blanche authority to blame their mistakes or delays upon others (which they already do too often), then that is not good for the foundation of this country or our constitutional system (current state of the state is reflective of public sector over-reachings using minion public employees, in part. Yes, the tenants should be held accountable to a certain degree, but as too with the public sector in its willful and intentional agendized games to allow chaos to continue ……we could even go down the road of PAST FAILURES by the public sector too that delayed the inevitable (fire). If laws were “really enforced”, Eureka would be more beautiful, its buildings better taken care of, etc.. but, then again, new development would be hindered big time…..there is money in the game for delapidation(spelling) of personal assets that public sector insiders just love to slot machine….even the tax collector would agree.

    Just because a person is a public employee does not make it right to use the position to deflect their public employee responsibility onto anyone but the person doing the deflection. Actions speak louder than words, apparantly. Anyhow, hopefully you do realize the finger pointing games that this country is devolving toward.


  29. Bugs you have to put a stop to this. If we want unadualerated brain farts we will go to heralda. This idiot ,and I mean no disrespect to that demographic in general ,must be contained. HOJ, go to the Eureka adult ed and take a remedial class on grammar and composition. Then write letters to 6 year olds till they can understand you. After about 25 years you might be able to make some “F’ing” sense.

  30. Ha…No goodbye kisses for Kirk!
    Is there a delete button for HOJ?

  31. Reads as if anonymous and some others fear HOJ, GOOD! Anyhow, know one is force feeding your desire to read HOJ, so, just skip-over it – there is your stop….unless you don’t want others to read, then ok, you fear…………too funny those who are becoming restless……….


  32. HOJ no one fears you. No one. Sorry dude you are just a fool.

  33. Good Morning Anonymous,

    Good thing then….just call me the “Fool on the Hill”. I respect that poignant response from a gutless, faceless, too scared to be known and fearless individual such as yourself….at least you fear you though, lol.


  34. take your meds dude

  35. […] and Estelle .  We take gladness in knowing that  Lynette’s back in the saddle again and the Mirror’s given a home to HOJ only because the Herald banned Henchie’s misunderstood thoughts from its progressive rank […]

  36. HS,

    more like Henchie upset the the insiders at HH with truth and facts, such a downer…….but hey, not as if aspects of reality now were not predicted back then on the HH site by HOJ…….Back To The Future now and into the past then…….There and Back Again……



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