Text messages turned over in public records act request

A string of text messages between Humboldt County Supervisor Bonnie Neely and several of her closest advisers was released late Thursday in response to a California Public Records Act request filed by the Humboldt Mirror.

The messages, excerpts of which appear below, demonstrate the Fourth District supervisor’s increasing displeasure over her portrayals in the Mirror as a retiring Cuban dictator, a spliff-toking bohemian, a Roman Antichrist, a mascot for an international hamburger chain and, more recently, a pirate with an oddly nomadic avian sidekick.

Feb. 15
Did u no theres a blog w/ my pictre on it? Jst my eyes & not xactly good side, but still. Does ne1 read this thng? Could b xlnt promo op for sacramento plan. Bye 4 now

Feb. 19
Am not actually Cuban. Issue statmnt dnying Cuban rumor & mention yrs of svc to county, etc etc. Also mention not gay just n case

Feb. 26
Am I smking sumthing in this pictre? Wh@ever there upset about tell them Woolley did it. N board mtng now. Cul8r

Feb. 29
Plz xplain wh@ is on my forhead. R those 6s? Is th@ the mrk of the beast? Instruct staff to find law prohibiting this sht ASAP. If theres no law aganst it, make 1 up

March 2
Find out NOW whos bhind this. U hear me? U no I dont eat @ natl chains. Fire some1 for smthing. I dont give a sht who or wh@

March 3
WTF is up w/ that fing parrot? It keeps mving around screen. 1st its on 1 side, then other side then hanging from top. MAKE IT STOP. Fnd out who this is & snd them photo of Gallegos

March 4
Is this symbolism? R they givng me the bird? Is th@ it? Get me a fing staff reprt on this YESTRDAY

March 6
How’m I sposed 2 get nething done w/ th@ fing parrot moving around & every1 in office laughing all day? Some1 from the fing CAOs office laughed so hard he fell out of his fing chair and knocked himslf out. Every1 acts like it was a fing fainting spell or some sht bcause they dont want me 2 no. WELL I DO NO & I cant w8 2 c OSHA reprt on th@ sht

Neely initially resisted release of the messages but was ultimately advised by attorneys from the County Counsel’s Office that even they couldn’t lie their way around the California Public Records Act.

The five-term supervisor declined to be interviewed for this report, but issued a written statement saying her “thoughts and prayers are with the injured employee and his family.”

18 Responses

  1. You shouldn’t joke about this. The employee who fell out of his chair laughing was unconscious for several minutes and has a concussion. It’s kind of funny, I agree, but it could have been much worse.

  2. That bird’s eye is following me around the room.

  3. You want to hear about injuries? I have a Worker’s Comp claim pending as a result of my newly developed carpal tunnels syndrome I developed constantly refreshing the page of this stupid blog to see where the parrot will pop up next. Thanks a lot Mirror. Your reckless disregard for the publics’ well-being is not very becoming.

  4. Shouldn’t that be her “thots & prayrs r w/ the njurd mploye & his famly”?

  5. You’re absolutely right, PC! How did we miss that?

  6. Uh-oh, the parrot is getting closer. My, what a big eye!

  7. Is the parrot on meth? Or is it Neely who’s on meth?

  8. I can’t help it, every time I see her peeking out at me I have to ,well you know. The parrot is the immoral ice’n on the cake,so to speak. God forgive me I need to see her again.

  9. Do I have to be funny too? Because i just can’t think of anything funny to say, but I come here to LMAO. (Haven’t passed out yet though)

    Carpal tunnel could be a problem……………

  10. Who needs funny when we’ve got happy friends like you? Welcome any time.

  11. looks like you are running out of material

  12. When I come to this blog, I see a sense of humor.

    I have notice through comments on other blogs, that there are some bloggers that don’t know what to think aobut your blog, blue humbug.

    If I was Bonnie, I would be delighted about the attention. She looks pretty cute in her pirate hat and eyepatch! Arg, matie!

    That is a pretty parrot, too! Polly want a cracker?

  13. We’re glad you get it, Carol. Certainly we have politics–which blogger doesn’t?–but this is more an exercise in throwing stones at the temple than in supporting a particular agenda.

    It may come as a surprise to our readers to learn that both of the bugs are registered, voting Democrats. We care about the issues central to our party but are troubled by the fringe elements, right and left, that will do anything to advance their agenda and seem to go out of their way to avoid common-sense solutions to the problems we face.

    For these reasons and more, both of us are backing Obama in the current presidential contest and we encourage (both of) our readers to vote their consciences in this important election.

    Carol in 2012!!!

  14. Go Obama. But is that bird chewing on one of Bonnie’s earrings?

  15. Obama supporters? Cool. Here is the Yes, We Can video.


  16. Oh, btw, what am I running for in 2012?

  17. El Presidente!! Two votes from the bugs!

  18. Oh buggies, you do flatter me. But I don’t think I could handle the job in 2012. Maybe 2016? or 2020? or 2024? How about, “In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive …”

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