Brace yourself Hollywood for the next Box Office Brash

Rated "R" for Redundant as Fuck.


23 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t that be Rex Bohn, not Marky Mark?

    Come to think of it, I’d say both should co-star for this role

  2. In his own mind

  3. An alternative title might be: “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Stupid”, or
    “Extreme Hypocrite and Incredible Douche-Bag” either one gets pride of place in my oscar betting pool!

  4. In Humboldt politics the old saying will need to be changed. We will now have to say that ,”even the little turds rise to the top of the septic tank.” In Markie Marks case it’s a midget turd.

  5. I don’t want to see a sequel. The last four years has been pretty annoying enough. Please, please, please offer up a moderate candidate from the Third District we can rally around. Anyone? Bueller? Hello? [crickets chirping]

  6. I think I’ve seen this movie. B O R I N G. Pass the popcorn.

  7. What has happened to this blog? It used to be cuttingly funny and I would race every day to read it–and the wise ass comments (the wisier assier the better). I’m not a fan of ML but this is kind of silly. And the last posts have been as well. Am I alone in thinking that? It makes me sad that it has come to this. Bugs, please shake the cobwebs out and come back better than ever. I miss you.

  8. Well Good Heavens,

    It’s been pretty hard to be as funny and cutting edge after the two back-to-back strokes. Don’t worry, it was the left brain that took the hit and we’re pretty sure that we’ll be funnier and more cutting edge after the intensive physical therapy starts working. Sorry ’bout this rash of crap we’ve subjected you to. Hang in there and we promise to be less silly really soon.

  9. I don’t expect you to be less silly, just as wise and funny as you used to be. I know I have the choice not to read it if I don’t think it’s funny but I used to really love reading this blog and I miss it.

  10. smoke a fatty, eat a cheesbuger, have a shot of Jack and everyone call that useless little shit ass excuse for a small human and an over paid supervisor and scream at him to let the kids have their tree fort. It’s a f’ing tree fort. Fix this you twit and I will buy you a case of PBR and not call you a f’ing midget loser for a whole month!!!!!

  11. Better yet, tie the little prickster trickster Mark Lovelace to a tree stump out in the middle of nowhere and let him see if he likes it when the mountain lions, ticks, snakes and other critters come to call.

  12. What are your thoughts on the Obama Administrations response to the “Fast and Furious” mess?

  13. Obama loves Lovelace. He uses him as a drink stand. Nuff said?


    I found the video of the humbug herding the local progs.

  15. Oh crap a drink stand? Now that’s funny. I mean really really funny. Can the graphics department put a p b r can on the midget’s head?

  16. thank you GW. I do try but all the credit on this one goes to the midget.

  17. Ok Bugs, time to check the Graphics Dept. for a pulse. After all, the game ended two days ago and the bastards are still lying on the couch, but then what else is new.

  18. Why do you have to pick on us? It looks like the Bugs up and disappeared.

  19. Point made. Please check under the couch for the Bugs.

  20. Checked under the couch and between the cushions. No bugs. But we did find two warm PBRs and 83 cents. Party!

  21. Oh, never fear Graphics Dept. We’re alive, well and ready to offend. Now get back to work and do some shit before we change the locks again.

  22. Is the DB on vacation ? In the hospital ? Where is he ? We need some more reading material.

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